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25 Things You Can Do with Bindly
Add non-Instagram friends to Instagram photos and videos. Because not all your friends are on the same social media.
Add non-Swarm friend to Swarm check in.Because not all your friends are on the same social media.
Turn your calendar events into photo and video moments. Reflect the past calendar events in Bindly.
Remember the names of great dishes you had in restaurants. Remember things you associate with different people and places!
Create individual photo albums and timelines of memorable moments. Kent remembers every magical moment spent with Emily :)
Remember the dress your significant other was wearing at last year’s anniversary dinner. You wouldn’t want to forget that, would you?
Remember the last time you played your favorite board game. Your check in to Bindly does not have to be an actual place!
Make a list of cafés you’d like to explore. Bindly works great with Google Maps!
Make sure your dates are always fresh and inspiring! Maybe Lisa Lisa would like a change from Tacos this time!
Remember when you last spent some quality time with family. Just a gentle reminder :)
Make a list of must-see places for your next trip. Bindly works great with Google Maps!
Store your photos and videos with Bindly. We’ll make sure they’re safe and secure :)
Add Facebook photo to check-in information privately later in Bindly. Sometimes you want to keep your favorite place a secret.
Check in to your friend’s apartment without sharing. Sharing is nice, but sharing is not appropriate sometime ;)
Adjust your Facebook photo at the time you actually had the party. Enjoy party, share later with Facebook, Remember in Bindly.
Remember movies you saw at the cinema. You can remember movie moments by actors and directors as well.
Add video comments to your check in. Video is an awesome way to bring back memories.
Keep your family moments private. Sharing is nice, but it’s not always appropriate ;)
Keep a note of moments spent with your animal friends. Have your dog as a friend on Facebook like Mark Zuckerberg does. You can do so much more with Bindly.
Create your own food photo journal. You don’t have to share. Just take a photo and tag whatever you eat!
Video Diary. Video is an awesome way to remember a great day.
Make a shopping list with photos and addresses from Google Maps. Plan your shopping with Bindly!
Make a cooking diary with videos and photos. Add people if you cook with friends!
Check into MoMa with Van Gogh with picture of The Starry Night. You can check in with Van Gogh in every Museum that has his painting. Start making your collection!
Check into Venus with an alien and attach space photos to the moment. Create your own worlds in Bindly!
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